Have you ever met someone that is awesome at everything they do right from the start? They seem to have the answer to anything and the knowledge about everything? Well I have and I call him dad.

My dad can figure out how to fix anything or that is how it feels. As kids we called him MacGyver or garbage disposer (he is probably going to kill me for that one). Seemed like you could hand him two items and he could make you a house out of it. Growing up we didn’t have a lot of money but we had dad and if my mom and I wanted something he would figure out how to make it. She wanted a hutch and he built it. I wanted a canopy bed and guess what, he made one. This last winter when I went home for Christmas I saw that he was getting back into his stained glass stuff. Of course it was amazing.

Well this brings me to Christmas and my adventure home. My dad told me he wanted to teach me to do a fireworks show. I thought what the heck does my dad know about fireworks let alone a show. I know that on New Year’s Eve him and his friends do a fireworks show for everyone but I thought really how awesome could it be? Then he brought out the firework box. Holy cow!

Apparently he knew a lot about firework shows then I thought. Before I knew it he had twenty mortars in front of me with some cannon fuse and tape. Now I know what you are thinking, twenty, that doesn’t seem like much. That is all he could spare out of his two hundred for NYE. Remember this is only a lesson to pass down to his only child what he has learned. After about an hour I was so thankful.

I wish I could pass along what I have learned to you and I wish I could tell you that the reason I couldn’t is because it is this ancient family secret but the truth is I don’t remember the specifics. I don’t want to tell you that one inch of tape between fuses is only 14 seconds when it could be much less than that and ruin your show. I guess if I get enough of you dying to know what sizes cause how much time between explosions then I will revisit this post.

If you are wondering about the show that we created. It was great. It lasted about 45 seconds, but it was one of the best 45 seconds because I made it. That whole show was made by me and a small portion of my dad. I guess I can give him some credit.

If you are wondering about how to create your own show or one of those amazing boxes let me know and I will get you the information. I mean look at the picture of the firework box, it doesn’t look that hard.